ChoreoMaster : Choreography-Oriented Music-Driven Dance Synthesis


Kang Chen1

Zhipeng Tan1

Jin Lei1

Song-Hai Zhang2

Yuan-Chen Guo2

Weidong Zhang1

Shi-Min Hu2

Kang Chen, NetEase Games AI LAB

Zhipeng Tan, NetEase Games AI LAB

Jin Lei, NetEase Games AI LAB

Song-Hai Zhang, Tsinghua University

Yuan-Chen Guo, Tsinghua University

Weidong Zhang, NetEase Games AI LAB

Shi-Min Hu, Tsinghua University

1NetEase Games AI LAB

2Tsinghua University

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Despite strong demand in the game and film industry, automatically synthesizing high-quality dance motions remains a challenging task. In this paper, we present ChoreoMaster, a production-ready music-driven dance motion synthesis system. Given a piece of music, ChoreoMaster can automatically generate a high-quality dance motion sequence to accompany the input music in terms of style, rhythm and structure.To achieve this goal, we introduce a novel choreography-oriented choreomusical embedding framework, which successfully constructs a unified choreomusical embedding space for both style and rhythm relationships between music and dance phrases. The learned choreomusical embedding is then incorporated into a novel choreography-oriented graph-based motion synthesis framework, which can robustly and efficiently generate high-quality dance motions following various choreographic rules. As a production-ready system, ChoreoMaster is sufficiently controllable and comprehensive for users to produce desired results. Experimental results demonstrate that dance motions generated by ChoreoMaster are accepted by professional artists.

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